Tuesday, September 22, 2015

News: SSA Vegas Vacation; Steamposium this weekend!; Arborist at GLC thru 10/4

"Bat Country"
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Hey! We got home from Vegas just in time for me to be completely laid up on Yom Kippur (generally not a good sign, but I haven't died yet). Before I go dark in honor of the Day of At-One-ment, here's the news:

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STEAMPOSIUM September 25-27 at Bell Harbor International Conference Center
These pieces. Remember them?
I'll have several encaustic pieces and hopefully a few watercolors up in Artist Alley during this convention dedicated to Steampunkery. You may remember my Relative Time & Space series (that ended up being 5 pieces so far, but I've been hella busy with all those other projects, dig?) that looks kinda like Circular Gallifreyan because, you know Time Lord. I've got them on hangers & they'll run about $100, because I like to keep my work in the affordable range.

I'm also making some attempts to Steam up some of the Wee Arborist pieces, so hopefully I'll be able to pull that off & you can look at &/or purchase those as well (running about $20 each cuz they're tiny but fierce).

Arborist still up at GLC
Several people have expressed a need to look at my work with me & give me an opportunity to talk about my favorite subject: ME! I have a couple private dates set up, but watch this space for a closing reception event invite. You can still check out the delicious drinks & food at Georgetown Liquor Co without me, of course, & I highly recommend it.

newly weds!
Congrats Randall & Dez!
This past week Ten & I flew down to Vegas to celebrate Ten's BFF & his new bride. We had an awesome time enjoying the weather, the company, & building even better friendships. It was a privilege to cry at this wedding (because I couldn't stop myself... not even a little). As for me & Ten, we also celebrated our 1-year anniversary of being not-married & spent plenty of time poolside - & only lost about $15 gambling... because it turns out I'm not as good at real roulette as I am at fake roulette.

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