Wednesday, September 16, 2015

News: Arborist at GLC, FibroShark Hungry presale; Happy Jew Year!

photo by Braden Duncan
You may or may not have read my reflection post from the show opening, but you can do that here. And now, the news:

  • Arborist opened at GLC on Saturday, & we had a great time. 
  • The presale of FibroShark Hungry is still open!
  • Happy new year to all my Hebrews, Shebrews, & Theybrews; you are loved & I hope 5776 is full of sweetness & light
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Arborist at GLC thru October 4
The show opened! People came to see my work! They told me it was really cool & moved them. I was so happy to have my work up on walls again. You can still go see it thru October 4, & might even be able to wrangle an art date with me while doing so.

FibroShark Hungry presale
Is still on! Really, it'll be on until I send final numbers to the publisher. It's $32, which includes shipping. If you missed the Hatchfund campaign for whatever reason, or didn't choose a copy of the book as your reward at the time, go ahead & order a copy. I will be ordering extras when we do the first run of the book, so when the release party comes around, you'll still be able to get your copy... probably. The only way to know for sure is to pre-order.

Happy Jew Year!
It's officially 5776 on the Hebrew calendar, & I'd like to say I'm off to a good start -- emotionally anyway. My life is really good, I have loving partners, an awesome dog, & my career is taking off kinda slowly, but moving ahead anyway. It's a really nice feeling to know that people are excited about your work. I think this year will be good for me, & I'm hoping it will be for you too!

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