Sunday, September 13, 2015

Arborist opening reception, Saturday September 12

digital promo flier by Braden Duncan
I'm starting this post a few hours ahead of the show opening, because I'm so excited that I can't really do anything else... One thing I know is that GLC is a great place. I also know that the show looks good, which is important. I've learned a lot since my last solo show (March 2014), and you can tell...

My biggest fans showed up in support of the show opening, and it was wonderful to see each of you. Even more wonderful is the feedback I've been getting about this era in my work. It's resonating with people in ways that are unique as compared to responses I've had from previous works. Before, my work was "cool", but this time around, it's moving people.

Also, at least one person got the joke in "Arborist Moishe".

I've had some time to process last night, and I'm very happy about it. This work is more than just watercolor trees on handmade paper. It's part of a larger vision of helping people function, and see themselves as complete not in spite of their suffering, but because of it. My whole life has been developing along this line of accepting suffering and using it as fuel for greatness and spiritual enlightenment.

Is that too much? Maybe. It is just an art opening in a bar in Georgetown.

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