Wednesday, February 17, 2016

News: long time, no post; Arborist at A/NT; FibroShark Hungry in post-production

"Arborist Enlightenment"
I don't think I've posted an update yet in 2016, so here's about 6 weeks of art...

  • Sprites have begun to work their way into the Arborist collection (see fire elemental at right, which may or may not be based on fellow Cornish Alumna Corey Skillman)
  • There are 4 Arborist pieces up at A/NT Gallery in Belltown for the month of February, & I will be hanging out with the art (& my dog) on Friday
  • FibroShark Hungry is in post-production
  • You can find a silly photo series on my Instagram that features the dinosaurs from my Valentine's bouquet
So far 2016 has kinda been a giant steaming pile, & that's affected my health & productivity quite a bit. I'm stable, so don't worry, but life has been getting in the way of my plans -- as it is wont to do -- so art has been taking a backseat to things like... sleeping a lot. But, updates are back on the weekly to-do list, so you can expect to see a bit more from me.