Monday, August 31, 2015

News: missed a week; ROAD TRIP!; Arborist shows in September & November

"Arborist Tempus Domum II"
commissioned by Francisca Mason 
Missed the update last week because I was waiting to confirm a thing that fell thru, & by then the week was over, so prepare for Setzer Studio Arts Giant Size Issue #1...

  • Arborist September show moved to Georgetown Liquor Co;
  • And we've added an exhibition in November at West Seattle Wine Cellars;
  • Bad news about both Trabant locations & what that means for "Everyone Can Be Redeemed";
  • FibroShark Hungry update;
  • & finally some notes about my health situation & a picture of my dog. 

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Arborist September show moved to Georgetown Liquor Co
detail "Arborist Mortem"
This last week I have been painting rather frantically in an attempt to have enough pieces for the Arborist exhibition in September. At this point I have about 15 pieces, which is great, but I would like a few more. The landscapes are becoming more interactive & interesting as I go along, & the trees are keeping up with their commentary. It's exciting & I love what I've been able to do.

Since Arborist will be at GLC in September, that means no markup! because GLC doesn't take a cut of the art sales. So, all the work you've seen me doing lately will be available for sale there & almost all of the proceeds will go to yours truly! (I think Braden takes a curator cut, but that's just sensible.)

November at West Seattle Wine Cellars
this piece has the northern lights...
I had a goal this year to have at least one new exhibition that wasn't curated by the SAC (that is Braden... & sometimes I help too...), & it will be in November in West Seattle. I don't know what kind of cut they take, but I do know that the sort of people who buy wine at a specific wine store are also the sort of people who buy art, so mostly this will be increasing my audience & hopefully my collector base.

I expect that I'll be spending a lot of time between now & November I'll be making more paper & creating an entirely new series of Arborist pieces that will have more of a fall aesthetic... or I'll just keep going as I have been because that's just how I am. We'll see.

Goodbye Trabant
The reason Arborist had to be moved for the September show is that both locations of Trabant Coffee & Chai have been sold & the new owners are not interested in participating in the community art walks. It's a giant bummer - I met Ten at the Trabant in the U-District afterall! - but I'm sure the SAC will pick up more venues & move on to bigger & better things.

This, of course, means that the group exhibition "Everyone Can Be Redeemed" is kind of up in the air, since we're not sure where it'll end up. That's good for the artists who are working to submit pieces, but still a bummer because we were really excited to have it put together. I'll share more when I know more...

So, I was going to join the Debaucherauntes for their tour, but that ended up falling thru - it's cool & you should buy their album - but Ten & I both got a bit of a wild-hare about it, & have decided we're going to drive down to California anyway. I'm really only posting about it because we're planning on hitting up the Giant Redwood - or whatever it's actually called - and that means TREES! Maybe I'll even grab some stuff from the park to go into upcoming batches of paper. Either way, I know spending some time with some trees who have seen some shit will be a great boon for my current work.

FibroShark Hungry is still in the works
You officially have permission to ask for help!
No, I haven't forgotten about all the people who supported the book project. Work is continuing, it's just not that interesting, & since I'm mostly plugging away at the text portion there isn't a lot of documentation I can make - altho, I suppose I should send an update thru the Hatchfund wassname. This project has ended up being a little bigger than I originally intended, in terms of scope because rather than being simply autobiographical it's actually kind of going to become a resource. Which I think is what the people want anyway.

So, there's a lot of writing that's got to happen. I think you know me to be the eloquent sort, but I also need to be able to utilize clarity & brevity because I don't want to pen a giant tome that is 200 pages longer that it needs to be *coughFranklinVeauxcough*. That means editing too. Lots of editing. Tone, content, sources, all that stuff that is not in my wheelhouse - so I'm outsourcing it. 

It turns out writing a book is kind of a serious process. Who knew.

Health situation update
Actually, things are going pretty well. For the last few years right around this time I have been getting very ill, but so far I'm doing okay - knock on wood. The fibro is under control thanks to medicine & insurance (Thanks Obama!), & nothing exciting or new seems to be happening - which itself is an exciting lack-of development. 

The fires in Washington state only really affected my sinuses, & the rain we finally started having over the weekend compounded that. It's not a big deal, but it's nice to be able to complain about something semi-normal.

Finally, here's a picture of Stewart being adorable & old.

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