Friday, August 7, 2015

News: lateness, PRE-ORDER FIBROSHARK HUNGRY, & some other stuff

A few Arborist pieces made it into frames & they look
So, this week's news post is late. I mean it's not, because I don't think anyone but me is keeping track, buuuut, it is. We're all just going to have to hug each other & get thru this tardiness together. In other news:

  • You can now pre-order FibroShark Hungry if you didn't already reserve your copy during the Hatchfund campaign
  • The Setzer Studio Arts Store is still open & you can still buy art there!
  • The Arborist series is coming along nicely, & people who would know are really enjoying it
  • Still making paper too... when I have the spoons
  • And I got a Tesla journal (Nikola, not the progressive rock band) for some reason

If you're not following me on Instagram, why not? If you're not keeping up with Setzer Studio Arts & FibroShark on Facebook, then how did you get this link? I'm actually curious. Post in the comments!


I actually dance like that...
As an experiment I created a pre-order item in the store & it worked! So, if you weren't able to contribute to the Hatchfund campaign, or didn't reserve your copy of the book during same, or you didn't know about it, or you've only recently discovered I am a person who makes art & whatnot, go here & pre-order your copy. 

I am aiming to have everything ready & off to the printer by the end of summer, & the book will be released in the fall. 

"Arborist Moishe"
I know, right?!
Something is happening with this series, & its becoming a cohesive thing. I've had a number of actual arborists (people who deal with & love trees) give some very positive feedback, so I feel like I'm capturing the tree-ishness. Using the paper I've been making myself is what made it really turn a corner, I think. I'm working on an artist statement for the series, & at some point I'll be making prints happen as well.

There's an entire section of the store dedicated to the full series, the Lyrical series, & the Wee series.

Speaking of paper...
I've gotten the process down to about 2 hours for a dozen 9"x12" sheets. That's pretty good as far as efficiency standards goes. I haven't done any more glittery pages, but I really want to... probably blue. I also got some "handmade paper" at the craft store, & it smells like cow shit. So, don't buy paper that says handmade (even tho it was totally made by a machine) & smells like shit: buy my paper. It's more expensive, but it smells nice.

I also be adding an item for custom ordering paper made from bridal or other bouquets. Stay tuned...

And here's a picture of my dog, since you read all the way
to the end of the update

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