Monday, July 27, 2015

News: the rain is back!; & also some stuff about art

"Arborist Vincent" the first foray into referencing famous
paintings in my own work - it's kind of cheating, so I may
not do it again...
The rain has returned to Seattle after months of drought! As much as I loved the warm, sunny weather, I missed the rain so much I feel compelled to make it the beginning of this week's news blog. And yes, the news is out early this week because I have a date tomorrow. So there.

Here's what's new!

  • The store is up & running & actually selling stuff!
  • Arborist works are continuing into the foreseeable future - because y'all seem to really love it
  • But I am still working on FibroShark Hungry, as promised
  • Paper experiments are also happening & turning out really well!

As per usual, you can find pictures of me & my work (& my dog) on Instagram, & follow Setzer Studio Arts & FibroShark on Facebook.

Setzer Studio Arts Store!

So, I dislike alliteration (because reasons), but I remain excited about the Setzer Studio Arts Store! (Yes, there is a redirect, & it's totally legit because I manage my own internet things right now, even tho I really dislike it.)

So! Go buy some art!

Arborist will continue into the foreseeable future
An image of my work station

I'm not terribly surprised that the Arborist works are so popular, but because they are (mostly the grande series on the handmade paper -- which is terribly edifying, y'all), I'll be continuing to make a few each week. Should you have something specific in mind & want to commission an Arborist style piece (or pieces), get in touch with me via Facebook.

And work on FibroShark Hungry continues to continue

Honestly, writing a book is a little harder than I thought it would be. This should surprise no one who has ever actually taken this adventure -- and probably not anyone else either. But, I am doing a little bit each week & we're getting closer & closer to being finished. It continues...

Experimental paper is happening too

Last week I made 3 experimental batches of paper: green with bits of leaves & fresh lavender, yellow with pink stars & silver glitter, & yellow with gold micha flakes. Each turned out beautifully, & you'll see them in upcoming Arborist pieces - in fact, "Arborist Vincent" is on the yellow with gold micha, & contributes to its success as a piece. I don't want to say that I'm feeling smug for all of these coming together so well, but I am feeling a bit of the tight pride that comes with a job well-done. 

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