Thursday, July 9, 2015

News, early July

what's with the look? it goes with the face
Let's get right to it, shall we?

  • FibroShark Hungry update
  • New work: Arborist 
  • Fremont Street Faire 7/12/15
  • I think that's about it, actually

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FibroShark Hungry update
So, apparently it's Shark Week (the real one, I think, rather than everyone being on their periods at once), which means just about everyone is jumping onto the Sharkwagon. I've been spending most of my studio time on new work, so I don't have a lot to show for FSH updates, but I'm back in the studio today & working on comics. 

I've also started considering a few follow-up projects, including another book that might be about goals & stuff for the same audience as FSH. But I'll burn that bridge when I get to it. 

More on FSH next week. Same Shark Time, same Shark Channel.

New Work! Arborist
detail from "Summertime/Can You Imagine ii"
If you know me at all, you probably know I can't just work on one thing at a time - actually, I think most artists are like that, but I've never done any sort of inquiry to confirm or deny that.

Anyway, I've been messing around with watercolor & some Faber markers & it's really turning out pretty cool. I've posted a few previews on the book of Faces, so you can check those out.

I'm making 4"x6" original paintings that are basically Rachel-y trees, & will be $15 each - not a bad price for an original painting - & 6"x8" paintings that will be $30, & features bits of illegible lyrics from songs that I like. So far it's mostly Yes lyrics, which is entirely appropriate since I am a completely open book which is written entirely in riddles & Yes lyrics.

Fremont Sunday Market!
On Sunday July 12, I'll be sharing a booth with the inimitable Amelia Marsh Arts at the Fremont Sunday Market. Find more info on the FB event. This is where you'll be able to see the new Arborist work - & purchase some if it catches your fancy.

That's about it, I think
Yeah... short-ish news post this week, but that just means I'm working & not being terribly exciting. Actually, I think I prefer that...

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