Tuesday, July 14, 2015

News! Recap Sunday Market & some other things

more Arbory in the near future, fear not!
What's going on this week?

  • Brief recap of the Fremont Sunday Market
  • Making paper with flower petals could lead to an exclusive wedding service
  • Missing Critical NW to work on FibroShark Hungry
  • Arborist pieces going up for sale online... imminently

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all this art still for sale
Fremont Sunday Market
So, we have this weird weather thing in Seattle. Sunday started out cold & gross, even rained a bit, but by the afternoon it was all sunny & happy! Hooray! Except, including the expectations about the weather, everything I was told about the Fremont Sunday Market ended up being wrong. Which is fine. I got to hang out with a friend & talk about art for many hours, & except for the Czech immigrant who spent 10 minutes berating Amelia for wasting her life making art - everything was great. I even saw a couple friends I don't see often & may not see again for a while.

I'll be trying again at the FSM sometime in August - but I'll be doing a few things differently. I think it might also be a good idea for all art booths at street faire type things to advertise that you have a Sqaure. I think that impacted whether people were looking at my work or not.

Paper from flowers & bridal bouquets?
6 perfect pages, 4 with interesting textures & 1 like lace
Friday I got a wild hare & decided to grab a bunch of rose petals off the climbers in my yard & work them into paper pulp. It turned out awesomely & delicately beautiful. The texture, the color (which ended up being more of a dusty rose color than the fuscia I was aiming for, but that's okay & I know how to do it differently next time); everything about it is perfect & I couldn't be more excited.

So then I had this idea: I know about 12 dozen people who are getting married this summer, & I wonder if the brides among them might consider having a bouquet set aside to be made into paper on which they could commemorate their wedding days. One could caligraph vows onto this special paper, or use it as a matting material for physical photos from the wedding. 

If you're a person-getting-married & this idea interests you, please contact me thru Setzer Studio Arts on Facebook (or if you know me personally, you can contact me any old way you feel like). I don't yet know how much I would charge for this service, but we can negotiate.

FibroShark Hungry progress & whatnot
I did manage to get another comic painted last week, & I'm even skipping Critical NW this year to have more time to work on the book. Yeah. You're welcome. Meanwhile the subjects of the Boner Queen must settle for a public dedication by my Wizards, & one lucky champion shall earn the Medal of Clitoral Fortitude

Honestly, I'm not happy about skipping Critical, but it needed to happen (for FSH & other reasons), but at least I'll be missed. That makes me feel good.

it was a dark & stormy night... the kind that called for dark
rum & gingerbeer
Arborist pieces for sale online... soon-ish
If you have a suggestion (other than Etsy) for a portal for art sales, please share it with me. I know there are some good ones out there that have a good rep, treat artists well, & offer the sales of artwork with minimal initial investment from the listing-artist -- I just don't know where they are. Yeah, I could use the google to find out, but what do I look like? Someone who has time to search for things on the internet? Come on. 

I will do some of my own research, obviously, & once I find something that meets my needs I'll be sure to post about how much of my work is for sale! For now, I'll get some decent photos watermarked & up on the book of Faces because that's where I've started with selling work anyway.

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