Tuesday, August 11, 2015

News: workaholism as coping mechanism; someone send some fucking rain to Seattle

FibroShark's Words of Wisdom
It hasn't rained in Seattle for weeks. For a while it was awesome, but now it's just getting ridiculous. Especially because the air pressure keeps doing this thing where it pretends like rain is going to happen & everyone I know gets a barometric-pressure-change headache, but then it never rains. The webs between my toes have dried up, and I have sores all over my face that may or may not be related...

So art is happening a lot right now.

  • Continuing work on FibroShark Hungry (pre-order your copy here!)
  • More Arborist works too! 
  • And I made some paper with the Random Disco Flakes I got at the art store a couple weeks ago
  • I'm seriously not leaving my house until the mess on my face gets better & Netflix has a finite supply of entertainment, so expect some other projects to come up...
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What's your favorite book?


Continuing work on FibroShark Hungry
Most of what I've been doing with FSH recently has been writing and editing the text - that whole "guide to self-advocacy" business. I've come up with some pretty excellent prose (if I do say so myself), but it's all kind of heavy so I'm doing small sections at a time. I expect this draft to be finished by the end of the month, then it'll go to my editors and after that I'll write an entirely *NEW* draft! Maybe by the time that's done the illustrations will be finished!

More Arborist work too!
I've been getting so much great feedback about the Arborist series, that I couldn't stop now even if I wanted to! I think the series has permanently migrated to handmade paper, because that just feeds the whole tree-thing. Living where I do, there are a lot of trees and green things to draw (haha) from for inspiration, and since we're very into recycling in Washington state, I expect this series to go over really well when it gets to the point where I can have a show from it.

Yes. It's going in that direction. That means the prices of the works will be going up, so if you want an Arborist piece that already exists (or want to commission one), now's the time. This is the Bargain point of my art career. I will always want to make my work available to be owned by the kind of people I want to own my work, but I can only fight capitalism so much... [/rant]

Random Disco Flake paper
 See?! Lookit! One of the pages turned up with a wee heart in the middle of it. I'll be saving this page for something special for one of my sweeties... or for myself... or something. Anyway...

I am very excited about this batch of paper. It's not as fragile as some of the other batches I've done, and not as uniform as the Gold Mica batch. So, the tone, the randomness, the disconess, should make for some pretty awesome paintings. 

And if you want some Random Disco Paper, you know where you can get some...

My store, yeah.

Vanity is preventing me leaving my house, so come art with me
I have no idea what's going on with my body, but I am covered in painful blemishes... well, my face is (also, I think I have an ingrown nail on my index finger). I don't tend to get upset about health issues cropping up, because I'm used to it by now, but this is just... terrible. I'm pretty much refusing to leave my house until this clears up. But I also have to keep my hands away from my face (because germs, & OCD), so I'm basically trying to just art myself into exhaustion. 

Is that too personal for my practice newsletter? Oh well, it's the internet age, and some of you already have a lot more information on my daily functioning than you wanted anyway. 

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