Monday, October 26, 2015

News: FIBROSHARK ILLUSTRATION COMPLETE!; not really much else other than that

My entire life has been taken up with completing the book over the last few weeks and I'm excited to announce that FibroShark Hungry is officially ILLUSTRATION COMPLETE!!!

And some other things have happened since the last update...

  • Pre-order you copy of FibroShark Hungry now that it's almost done! There's not much time left!
  • Further dalliances into tarot card paintings...
  • Arborist going up in West Seattle next month
  • My dog is not dying any faster than anyone else -- HOORAY!

Now that I'm slightly more available on the art-front, I'm taking some time to read about artists & their processes & theories. If you have any favorites you'd like to share, I'm always interested in learning what else you love.


FibroShark Hungry illustration complete!!!
I still haven't gotten tired of typing that. It's a lot bigger of a deal that most people realize, partly because I've made ambitious goals a lot in my life & so far illness has always gotten in the way (except I did graduate from college -- this book is that level of big deal; let's just say it's my Master's Thesis). I completed the text a week or so previous to completing the illustrations. At this point, I'm severely relieved, but there's still plenty of work to do. In a few weeks I'll have more information on when it's going to press & when it'll be published f'reals. 

Those of you who have been following this saga for the last 6 months have been so supportive & I'm unfailingly grateful. 

Tarot paintings...
"Grief" is a 9"x12" watercolor on handmade paper
& pulls off aspects of The Fool
 I've studied tarot for nearly 20 years, & in that time I've consistently failed at designing my own deck. In the coming months I'll be designing a map-themed oracle deck with my patron, Voodoo. I think this may further equip me to design a full tarot deck, but we'll see. 

Just about everything I paint from here out is going to be on my own handmade paper -- because it's becoming part of my identity as an artist. Work becomes so much more personal when the artist also made the substrate.

Anyway, that's going to end up being a theory piece eventually, because, after all, the medium is the message.

My dog is not dying!!!
It's been a thoroughly emotional week, so on top of finishing up the illustrations for the book, I spent a lot of time freaking out about my dog being very sick. He spent the night in the doggie hospital on Thursday night, but by Friday was feeling much better & eating like a champ. (For those unfamiliar with pugs, they're nearly as dedicated to food as they are to cuddles, so a pug refusing food is a big fucking deal.) By Sunday night he was back to clattering around the house, jumping off the couch & sliding to the other end of the room, begging for noms, cuddling, & being a pug. 

He's nearly 15, so it was scary for me & Ten to leave him at the hospital because we didn't know if he was just having old age set in or if it was because he's sick with something he'll get over. Now we know that he'll get better (tho he'll probably spend the years he has left on meds to keep his airways open because he has "airway disease"), & it's a gigantic relief. 

Thank you all for your prayers for his recovery. Here's a picture of him feeling better.

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