Thursday, November 5, 2015

News: Arborist show, original art objects, pre-order FibroShark Hungry

With all of this book-making business, I've realized I never
need to settle for a merely adequate sketchbook again
Lots of book-making this past week. Including the object at the right which happened because I was bored & had an extra 40 minutes. The Arborist cover took a bit longer, but the point is, I made a 40-page sketchbook in less than an hour. Anyway...

I want to welcome those who have recently begun enjoying my work. Whenever my fans, new or seasoned, like a piece I post on the FB site a part of me is validated in a highly dramatic fashion. I always welcome feedback & love to hear what my art evokes in your brains & hearts. 


"Arborist Moishe" will be at the show... will you?
Arborist exhibition going up at West Seattle Cellars on November 12
Check out the Facebook event here. There will be an opening reception on November 10, when you can come & say hi to me & gush about how much you love my work & tell me in person that this series really moves you in ways you never thought art could move you before. I mean, you don't have to say that, but if you want to I promise I will blush & be so excited that you like what I'm doing.

West Seattle Cellars is another venue that doesn't take a cut, so I'm still able to keep the prices low. This sort of pricing isn't going to last forever, tho, so bear that in mind when you're considering purchasing my work.

Various Arborist Art Objects
I've started to branch out into modifying mass-produced notebooks with the handmade paper covers & hand-painted trees & whatnot. I've got 3 sizes I'm working on (3"x4.5", 5"x7", & 8"x10"), & once I have some finished I'll put them up in the store.

Once that gets some traction, I may start rebinding sketchbook paper into Arborist books as well. In the very least, I never have to settle for a sketchbook that isn't exactly what I want ever again.

Now accepting commissions
For a long time I didn't like taking commissions because I had a bad track record with them. However, recently I have been able to devote a lot more time to art making & increased my production & found ways to redeem myself in the whole under-promise-over-deliver arena. I've also gotten a lot better at servicing my collectors. Sooooo, I'm now accepting commissions for the holiday gift-giving season. If you like my work, but want something specific, let's talk. Go ahead & message me thru the FB site.

Hypergraphia & recycling
Since I was old enough to hold a crayon, I've pretty much always drawn, colored, scribbled, doodled, or written. To the point where hypergraphia is one of my compulsions (that's why I'm so good at updating this blog too). I can't tell you what happens if I don't write/draw/whatever, but usually it involves spiraling into some other kind of harmful behavior that I can't stop because obsessive-compulsive disorder is not pretty or funny.

Anyway, I have decades of sketch books & notebooks & journals just hanging out, taking up space in my closet. But since I've been making all of this paper, I've realized that I can shred all this old stuff & make new books out of it. The paper I'm making from this is turning out quite nicely, & I'm kinda looking forward to a day when I have sketchbooks that are all "new" because I fricken made them. Maybe no one else gets this excited about this sort of thing, but at least I have a way to make this bit of brain damage actually productive. I really just want my illnesses to fix me rather than make me feel broken.

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