Monday, October 12, 2015

News: FibroShark Hungry, custom paper & other holiday gifts, encaustic season

A number of FibroShark stickers
In case you missed it, last week was a bit of a fucking nightmare, pardon my Klatchian. Because of said nightmare, there wasn't any news, so here's two weeks of news.

  • FibroShark Hungry update
  • I also made some stamps & stickers
  • And a flipbook!
  • Some ideas for your gift-giving needs
  • Stay tuned for an update to the store, just as soon as I get a moment to take care of that
  • Encaustic season is around the corner, so last chance to jump on those pieces from last year!

I'm feeling much better this week, so I think I should be able to get quite a bit of work done! Also, Happy National Coming Out Day to everyone who was able to come out! (And to those who weren't, thanks for keeping yourself safe.)


Latest production sheet. Most of this won't
mean anything to anyone but me.
Update on FibroShark Hungry
Overall, it's about 75% complete. Illustrations are at 90% with one comic to build from scratch, two to redo, & one that just needs coloring. The text is around 90% too, with some very valuable editing done by a few very valuable people.

After that work is done, I'll need to scan the artwork & put everything together in Publisher before it goes off to the printer. It's all becoming quite real, & I'm very frickin excited about it... or I would be if I wasn't also terrified.

You can still pre-order the book in the SSA store, but if you want to wait til the last minute, I'm sure that would be okay too.

Sharkydinks, stamps, & stickers
I had a lot of downtime last week, since my brain kind of... oh, decided that it didn't want anything to do with me for three days. During that time I made shrinkydinks, stamps, & stickers all with a FibroShark theme. They turned out really cute, & I'm certain that I'll be using them for various things to do with the project itself. Using the large stamp to make multi-colored sharkydinks was quite easy, & I think sharkydink necklaces might be on their way. 

Additionally, I will probably digitize the large stamp to make it into labels people can add to their copy of the book - & one of these days, when the book is done & all the rewards are completed, I'll probably add a plush FibroShark to the store too. After the book, no number of plush sharks will every be as much work.

Holiday gift-giving ideas
Are you a creative type? Do you like to make your holiday gifts? Do you want some handmade paper as a starting place for those gifts? If so, you can order a dozen 9"x12" pages of handmade paper for $40! It can be customized by color, with glitter (or without), & made to include such bits of plants like bamboo, flowers (ground or whole), & other bits of magic. Orders can be ready in as little as a week. 

 Sale on last year's encaustic pieces!
As soon as I've finished the FSH illustrations, I'll probably be getting back to the griddle & painting in encaustic again. So, starting 10/15, all currently available encaustic pieces will be $25 (plus $5 for shipping), & when I update the store, I'll even be adding the Relative Time & Space pieces everyone seems to love. Pieces that don't sell by the end of the year will be scrapped & never seen again. Even that TARDIS piece. Point is, buy now or risk never being able to. 

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