Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Book of Rainbows & Other News of Late April

Here's what's new this week!

  • The Book of Rainbows!
  • FibroShark now with greater computing power!
  • Map Lotuses
  • Exciting images of the inside of my face
  • And a long conversation with the Director of Alumni Relations at Cornish

As per usual, you can find me & all my wonderful insanity on Facebook & Instagram. You can also find FibroShark on Facebook & keep up with the progress on the book from there.


Me: [making gigantic mess]
Ten: [nonchalantly] "What're you doing?"
Me: "Making a book cover."
Ten: "Oh, cool."
The Book of Rainbows
This is the culmination of all that paper-making. I'm really proud of it & it's really pretty. I'm not sure if I'll be continuing to make paper, altho I can't imagine stopping now. 

All in all, this project took several weeks, but I think it's going to take the rest of my life to fill it up... but if it doesn't then I'll just make another one since I know how.

FibroShark! Now with greater computing power!
As I began thinking about the FibroShark book more seriously (thanks to all the donations that are making this thing possible!), I realized that I would need a new computer in order to create proofs of the book in the first place. So, part of the funds for materials went toward a brand new laptop, complete with MS Publisher so I can do all that work. In fact, this update is coming to you from Little Sevel, (the shortened name of my new lappy), & is another reason why I decided to get a new machine: as much as I love my tablet, any sort of internetting more complex than Facebook is annoying at best & impossible at worst.

Map Lotuses
I realized that Ten needs more art, so I've started a project of making lotus flower paintings out of maps. Part of this is because of all the awesome stuff from the cARTography show I talked about last week... part of it is... well, Ten and I both really love maps. It makes sense, then, that the love I make for him has a map-aesthetic. I might make more than just what I have planned for him, but you know how I am about my emotionally significant art objects. 

Exciting Images of the inside of my head!
I finally got the xrays my dentist took, & I have to say they're pretty freakin cool. I've always been excited by anatomical imagery, as you know, so now that I have insurance (& am getting all kinds of exciting tests - thanks Obama!) I'm looking forward to being able to make art using actual references from my actual body! I don't think anyone but my mom is as excited about it, but it's still relevant to my studio work.

A Long Conversation about Cornish
Last week Braden Duncan of Clockwork Art & I met with the Director of Alumni Relations for Cornish. It was a really enjoyable meeting where we talked about what we loved (& didn't) about our college years, what was good (& wasn't) about our educational experiences, & what improvements could be made for current students & alumni. 

Since Braden & I run the Seattle Arts Coalition (did I mention we finally have a website?), we also talked a lot about incorporating the Cornish experience into the Seattle arts community. One of the things that was missing from my college education is the community created by Seattle artists. Not being part of that sooner probably stunted my art career... altho, in reality everything I did between college & now has been necessary for my personal development.

Anyway, I recommend that any Cornish alums reading this get in touch with Chris Sande in the Alumni Relations department. He's got some great ideas for furthering the value of those educations we spent all those years earning all that debt for.

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