Monday, April 6, 2015

Real. Working. Artist.

Here's what's going on in the Setzer Studio:

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There's still time to jump on the er... shark-wagon
Hatchfund allows all projects that have met their minimum fundraising goals to remain open for 30 days after the initial deadline. If you wanted to pre-order a copy, make sure that your chronically ill or disabled loved one is remembered on the In Memoriam page, or raise the number of plush FibroSharks I'll be making after the book is done, you can still do that thru the end of April.

Handmade paper
I'm not currently selling any of my paper, but I am willing to do trades with other artists for it. The reality is, this stuff is so labor intensive (it takes about 4 hours to make 10 9"x12" sheets, & I pride myself on my efficiency), that selling it would never really be worth it. Right now I'm working on a rainbow journal for myself, (which is teaching me some valuable things about bookmaking too!), & we'll see what happens when I'm done with that. Maybe the house won't be full of tiny scraps of multi-colored paper.

Building a body of work for SteamCon
The Relative Time & Space series (6"x6" encaustic) will be ready in time for SteamCon later this year, & I'll have a wee table in the artist alley there. I'm looking forward to it, but the work is sort of on the back-burner for obvious reasons.

Meanwhile, a bunch of my encaustic work is up for sale on Etsy
Yeah, yeah, I know, Etsy is just another corporate schill & I shouldn't waste my time putting my work up there. Well, I do, and it is. The 6x6 Encaustic series was where I developed a lot of the techniques you'll see in the painting & sculpture I've done since. Some of the pieces might get scrapped, tho, so if there's something you like, let me know right away.

Owner of a Lonely Heart...
I finished interval/tempo & distributed its halves in mid-March. I have a lot of images of Lefty & Righty together, but the intimacy that came out of that piece is still pretty raw, so you're not going to see them for a while. I realized, looking at Righty, up on my living room wall, that having one heart must be pretty lonely. I don't know how you monocardial humanoids do it.


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