Sunday, April 12, 2015

Remarkably little time-travel this week...

Now, this face I can draw.
I spent today watching the X-Files & trying to draw myself as a comic character.

I've never really been much for figure-drawing, but I'm getting a little more into it since I'm illustrating a book with humanoid figures in it. (Humanoid in the sense of two-arms-two-legs-one-head.)

Yesterday, tho, someone asked what I do... "I'm an illustrator right now," I said, a little bit of pride welling up. Being self-employed & making my own money is one thing, but holy moses, making money doing art is new. 

But this week wasn't just for making work, I also went to a couple of show openings to see recent work from a few of my EDGE colleagues.

cARTtography at Ryan James Fine Arts in Kirkland - featuring work from Erika Norris & Vikram Madan - is a collection of work that explores narrative thru map-making. As a Timelord, I'm a big fan of maps & I enjoyed a lot of the work I saw. Especially a piece the title of which implied that even the most logical among us flips to the horoscope section of The Stranger.

And Saturday saw the opening of Black Lives Matter: Humanity Not Negotiable at Columbia City Gallery. This show was a huge hit (at least, if the mob out front of the door was any indication), due in no small part to the pieces from my good friend Lisa Myers-Bulmash. All in all, the show is a well-curated collection of works from Seattle's often-neglected artists of color, and is well worth your time if you end up wandering thru Columbia City.

I wish I could write more about these shows, but it's fairly difficult for me to spend sufficient time in a gallery. Instead of taking my word for it, tho, you should get out & visit these shows while they're up.

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