Tuesday, May 19, 2015

News, middle of May

Self-portrait with hearts on a Monday
Alright, what's new...

  • Studio update
  • FibroShark Hungry update
  • PianoTime?
  • Exploration of watercolor for fun & prophet
  • A bit about my health, in case you're worried
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Studio Update
Did I tell y'all about this already? If I did... well, I'm going to tell you again. About a month ago I rearranged my studio in order to prioritize illustration & watercolor over encaustic. It's so difficult to keep things tidy around me, tho, so it's already a mess again. I've got my tools nice & organized, but aside from that... yeah. My dog doesn't seem to mind the random piles of laundry everywhere tho: they make great places for him to rest his little head while I'm working.

FibroShark Update
Nothing really to update... I've discovered that I won't be able to scan the panels myself because my scanner isn't big enough, but I was planning to take everything to a repro place anyway. I wanted to have proofs by the end of May, but I as with most large projects, time frames are flexible. I'd say I have half the comics done, but I've also got to do a lot of actual writing. Go figure. 

Piano Time?
Last week I spent time putting together a proposal for the City of Shoreline's Piano Time public art program. I won't find out until next week if my proposal was approved, but you can cross your cross-able appendages if you want. If the project is approved, I think I'll be using my feminine wiles to convince someone to come play it when it's installed... wishful thinking at this point. I'll let you know as soon as I do.

detail from Lilith: Queen & Mother
Watercolor for fun & prophet
So it turns out that if you can actually... uh... paint at all, watercolor is pretty dang fun. The work I did with all that encaustic over the winter turns out to have been beneficial for more than one medium. I mean, I'm cheating a little bit, cuz I'm working with watercolor markers, but seeing some actual progress in my own skill is edifying. The other great thing about that is watercolor is kind of "in" right now in the Seattle scene.

Health update
If you've followed my work for any length of time, you know that my health isn't awesome & frequently keeps me from doing things like art walks & various social activities. I'd actually like to mention that the main reason I rarely make appearances at art walks is because generally by the end of the day, I feel like hell & unless I plan otherwise, my will to move around & talk to people is non-existent. So it's not that I don't care or don't want to see your exhibition, it's that it takes two or three days to recover from such events.

Anyway, I've seen three specialists so far this year (thanks Obama), and thus far the consensus on the increase in my pain, decrease in my mobility, etc, is "sometimes fibro does weird things." This isn't a particularly satisfying answer, but at least there isn't anything new wrong with me. I've got another MRI this week (lookin at mah brain!) but the neurologist who ordered it is pretty sure we're not going to see anything exciting (you know, except my brain!). 

I've been able to get the pain business somewhat under control using various methods (some of which are only legal in a few states), & the warmer weather & sunny days here in Seattle are definitely helping - as long as the air pressure doesn't suddenly shift & then hang around in the Ouchie Zone pretending to be about to rain for three or four days. 

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