Tuesday, May 12, 2015

All things strive

"Primordial Desire" in progress...
I have a bit of a thing for pianos - I always have - & that's made more dramatic & exciting by having a sweetie* who matches my artistic enthusiasm with his own; & who has been playing piano since probably before he could even reach the pedals.

So, naturally I'm working on a proposal for this paint-a-piano public art thing. I've gotten the concept boiled down to something solid that is in-keeping with my overall body of work**, & my concept piece (at right) is nearly finished. I even have some ideas of how I'd be able to make this whole thing a reality if my project is chosen.

I'm just having a hard time writing the proposal. I know that I'll find the words & put them together in something-approaching the right order, but I'm frustrated by the entire thing. I can't give up tho, because now this project is in me, & eventually it's going to need to reach fruition or I will go quite insane.

The Kabbalah teaches that the universe was created by g-d having so much love that They exploded, & that the entire purpose of existence is to get back to that point of wholeness. All things strive to put g-d back together. This is the back-story for the concept of my piece. The story I want to tell by painting a piano, is that we're all drawn to things which will allow us to manifest love & creativity because we're all made of that same stuff which allows for those things in the first place. And eventually, we'll all melt back into that primordial desire.

Maybe that's too high a concept for a public art piece. I guess I'll find out when I hear back on my proposal.

And anyway, chances are good I'm just going to keep submitting the same packet to these paint-a-piano public art things (there are apparently a lot of them) until someone gives me a piano to paint.

*In this instance I'm using the term "sweetie" very loosely, because words like "friend" & "influence" & "peer" are too cold for the affection I have for this particular person.
**Rather than just being a giant love letter to the above-mentioned reason I don't date musicians.

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